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Halva Cutting Machine

Halva Cutting Machine
Halva Cutting Machine
Halva Cutting Machine

Our machine can cut the halva produced in the factories in a fast and practical way with a small number of personnel in the desired weight. Turkey's first hot halva is halva machine can cut without damaging the fiber structure and halva from hardening.

Adjustment can be used for sizes from 200 gram to 2 kilogram. You can record the calibration process you have done before and then call all the settings with a single button for the same weight product. Thanks to the programmable logic control system, unlimited recording and creating different caliber combinations.

In this way, mass production is made quickly instead of tearing and weighing operations. It saves a great deal of labor and the product quality remains standard.

Optional: Product adding and laying elevator.

Dimensions:100 cm x 500 cm x 180 cm
Weight:1 Ton
Capacity:400 Kg / Hour
Weight Sensitivity
Innovative Design
Not Disturbing Working Sound
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One of the most delicious foods of Turkish and Arabian kitchen, halva is among the indispensable tastes of the tables. In this context, companies producing halva need various machines and equipment. The quality of the machines used in production line primarily in the emergence of delicious flavors. With the halva cutting machine, you can obtain products in the form you need quickly and practically.

Halva cutting machines, which can cut from 200 gram to 2 kilogram, display a flawless performance without damaging the fiber structure of the food. At the same time,  halva cutting machines of Demirbas Machine, which make it impossible for you to face problems such as the hardening of halva, can create unlimited recording with the programmable logic system privilege and maximize your production.

Cutting Hot Helva

You should definitely do a good research in the purchase of halva cutting machine. As Demirbas Machine, you can access all settings and perform the necessary controls with the halva cutting machines that we offer to you. Instead of manually cutting into pieces to the slice size you need, you can quickly perform an operation with one click.

Thanks to halva cutting machines that can cut the product up to 50 grams, you can perform the weighing process effortlessly. The first hot halva cutting machine in Turkey, which was carried out by Demirbas Machine. These machines, which slice hot halva without disturbing the fiber structure, also provide high savings in internal power.

Prices of Halva Cutting Machines

Halva Cutting Machine, has been made whole 304 quality stainless steel material and our machine have a good volutions. While you are making a cutting process faster and high capacity, our firm offers suitable prices for you.

Our company provides world-class service with halva cutting machines, tahini machines, sesame processing and many other product ranges.

While our production lines enable to obtain various flavors from many nutrients such as sesame, they have high performance power. You can contact us on our page for the advanced technology halva cutting machine types you need for your business. You can quickly buy the best quality and most advantageous machines at the most affordable prices.

Foteg 2019 Foteg Istanbul

In March 2019, we did not leave our customers alone at Foteg Istanbul, one of the leading fairs of our sector. In this community we have been serving for years, we have the opportunity to get to know new companies in the sector through fairs and this makes us proud. As Demirbas Machine, every visitor has a great importance for our company.

We would like to thank hundreds of customers who came to our visit both from our country and from different parts of the world at Foteg Istanbul fair.

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