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Two Gradual Tahini Mill

Two Gradual Tahini Mill
Two Gradual Tahini Mill
Two Gradual Tahini Mill

Two-gradual tahini mills are recommended for semi-professional businesses above small and medium businesses. It is suitable for businesses with daily tahini sales of more than 200 kg.

Machine use is not as easy as our market type tahini machines, but it is not very difficult. Our company provides training and support regarding usage after machine sales.

First of all, the sesame in the chamber part is pulled in the first stage and brought to the consistency of jelly, then it is grinded with an emery stone in the second level and reaches the required fineness for use. The tahini filled in the lower product reservoir is filled with the help of the pump and offered for sale.


Dimensions:80 x 80 x 190 cm
Weight:400 Kg
Capacity50 Kg / Hour
Power:5.5 Kw
220 or 380 Volt Options
Wheeled System
2 Year Product Guarantee
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Tahini is described as the secret of various flavors. Tahini, which we miss from breakfast tables, creates a delicious taste when combined with molasses. In addition to the delicious taste it leaves on the palate, it also contains various benefits. Therefore, tahini consumption is frequently used especially in winter. Besides it is used as a natural food in the treatment of many diseases, it stands out among the rare flavors of meals.

Tahini producers take action within the scope of the benefit provided by tahini. The tahini machines needed for the production of tahini are located in Demirbaş Makina. Standing out with its high quality and maximum working speed, the two-gradual tahini machine is produced in a form suitable for use in semi-professional businesses. Although its use is not as practical as market type tahini machines, it displays a superior performance with many features and functionality.

Two Gradual Tahini Machine Features

Two-gradual tahini mills are one of the main equipment needed by businesses in tahini production. It is suitable for use in small and medium-sized enterprises and for companies above it. Businesses that want to increase their production capacity and save time can find professional solutions for their needs by purchasing a two-gradual tahini mill.

We provide training and support on the use of two-stage tahini mills. And we offer practical answers to your needs with high-quality standards. Sesame, the raw material of tahini, is milled in the chamber section of these mills. Then it is grinded with an emery stone and turned into the desired consistency. There is a filling chamber at the bottom. This chamber is filled with pumping support and is quickly made ready for sale.

You can produce high speed for your company with the two-gradual tahini mills that we produce in a suitable form for enterprises with a production capacity of more than 200 kg. While saving time, you can produce perfect products with maximum capacity working power. In this way, you can double the taste of tahini you produce.

Mini Tahini Mill

Tahini machine is the most need one of the equipment the mini tahini grinding mill of tahini producers. They perform production perfectly with two stone tahini grinding mill. We recommend that you do not be fooled by its minimal dimensions. The mini tahini mill, which functions practically with its high speed and maximum capacity, displays a privileged performance within the scope of hourly production measures.

Two Gradual Tahini Grinding Mill

Two-gradual tahini mill prices are offered for sale at prices that will appeal to every budget. Our company offers various advantages while minimizing your costs with its affordable price policy. While pricing all our products, including tahini mills, we offer them for sale at standards suitable for your budget.

We are confronted with two gradual tahini mill products with maximum quality, maximum capacity, high speed and minimum costs. You can also purchase these machines, which are necessary for your company, at affordable prices by taking an offer from our page. You can double the taste of the tahini you produce while experiencing our high quality. Hurry to take advantage of the opportunities and take advantage of our fast delivery assurance!

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