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Small Sesame Roasting Machine

Small Sesame Roasting Machine
Small Sesame Roasting Machine
Small Sesame Roasting Machine

The most important rule required for sesame seeds to become tahini is that sesame is completely dry. Accordingly, after the sesame is roasted, the waiting period should not exceed 24 hours, otherwise it must be roasted again. The small sesame roasting machine is an electrically powered roasting machine designed for retail outlets or research-development trials in the laboratory.

Our small sesame roasting machine can roast 25 kg of product in one go. It is sufficient for small businesses. You can view our other products for larger sesame roasting machines.

It is suitable for roasting other similar seeds besides sesame....

Dimensions:100 cm x 65 cm x 80cm
Weight:90 Kg
Capacity:25 Kg / Hour
Power:5.5 Kw / Hour
Automatic Product Discharge
220 or 380 Volt Options
Innovative Design
2 Year Product Guarantee
Not Disturbing Working Sound
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Tahini, one of the indispensable flavors of the kitchens, goes through various processes during the production phase. That's why tahini producers need various machines and pieces of equipment. Sesame, the raw material of tahini, is roasted and crushed to the desired consistency and a small sesame roasting machine is used for this.

In order for tahini to have the thickness consistency it should be, sesame must be roasted and then dried and then dried. As Demirbas Machine, we ensure that the process is carried out effortlessly thanks to the heating systems in the sesame roasting machines. The sesame roasting machine that your company needs is produced in high quality standards and appeals to retail outlets.

What is The Small Sesame Roasting Machine?

After the sesame is peeled and dried, it must be roasted. Electrically powered small sesame roasting machines can be carried easily due to its form and dimensions. These machines, which function in the focus of roasting similar seeds together with sesame, create privileges with their superior functional power.

It is inevitable to roast the collected sesame seeds to achieve an extremely unique taste. Sesame, which is especially the raw material of tahini production, gains a much more delicious taste in the grinding stage and can reach the desired consistency if it is roasted to the required extent.

Sesame roasting machines show a superior performance during the roasting process in order to obtain the perfectly delicious sesame and to obtain the required food. This performance results in speed and time savings.

With the small sesame roasting machine, up to 25 kg of sesame can be roasted and this process can be carried out in one go. You can also get offers from our page to reach the machines your business needs, and find professional answers to your needs.

Small Sesame Roasting Machine Prices

The small roasting machine on our page has the advantage of affordable price as well as its quality and superior functionality. We would like to state that you are at the right address to reach the best quality sesame processing machines with the most appropriate numbers. You can take advantage of the advantages by getting a quick quote on our page for the price.

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