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Sesame Roasting Machine

Sesame Roasting Machine
Sesame Roasting Machine
Sesame Roasting Machine

Demirbas Machine continues to share its experience in the sector with industry-leading companies by producing various products such as sesame roasting machines in industrial sizes with 250 kg and 400 kg capacity and laboratory type of 15 kg per hour.

The sesame roasting process is the process that starts after the sesame processed in the pools passes through the sesame squeezing machines. The sesame seeds are roasted for 2:30 hours in the rotating hot drum and they reach full dryness. This is the most ideal and energy-efficient system for roasting sesame seeds. Almost all of the industry performs sesame roasting with this system.

Due to the high level of workmanship in sesame roasting machines that used to have a manual unloading system, the new system Demirbas Machine Sesame Roasting machines have an automatic discharge system.

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Dimensions:200 x 400 x 210 cm
Weight:1.3 Ton
Capacity:250-400 Kg / Hour
Automatic Product Discharge
Innovative Design
Not Disturbing Working Sound
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Standing out among beneficial nutrients, sesame is used as the raw material of many flavors after various processes. In addition to its flavor, sesame, which contains many benefits that cannot be counted, is especially preferred in tahini making. Tahini producers need various machinery and equipment in this context. Numerous nutrients are obtained through applications such as sesame processing, roasting and drying.

Sesame roasting machine, embodied in industrial dimensions and dimensions, is a professional solution to the needs of enterprises with its high quality and maximum capacity. Thanks to these machines, which are especially used in the production of tahini, the sesame is roasted after being separated from the shells and dried.

Sesame Roasting Machine Features

After the peeled sesame seeds are taken into the sesame roasting machine. In this way, it gains a different flavor and becomes the indispensable secret of unique flavors. The sesame roasting machine that your company needs has a capacity of 250 kg - 400 kg per hour can produce as a specially.

While roasted sesame is used in making tahini, it is known as the raw material of many delicious flavors. Sesame seeds that are roasted gain a completely different taste as they are separated from their shells and dried. In this context, its benefit is one of the reasons for consumption. Sesame seeds roasted by a sesame roasting machine can be easily unloaded with the automatic discharge system.

You can experience the latest system automatic sesame roasting machines of our company, as the manual unloading system requires a high amount of labor. There is a hot drum inside the machine. While this drum is rotating, the sesame seeds are roasted. Sesame machines with 2.5 hours roasting functionality provide the required dryness.

The sesame roasting machine preferred by almost every company in terms of the sector is produced in Demirbas Machina with its full capacity and high speed performance power.

Sesame Roasting Machine Prices

Sesame roasting machines in our company are produced in world quality standards. With its speed and functionality in every aspect, it saves you time and optimizes your costs. If you want to buy a high-quality sesame roasting machine at minimum costs, you can turn your route to Demirbas Machina. All you have to do is visit our page and get an offer quickly. These machines, which have the latest system technology, will be your biggest support for increasing your production speed while providing a reasonable price advantage.

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