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Tahini Machine

Tahini Machine

We obtained hundred of customer domestic and abroad in recent years with most popular tahini machine. Tahini machine is very speacial prodcut and add value for our factory.

All the markets, shops, spice stores, delicatessens can make own tahini and sell to customer as a fresh and hot. Our machine can make 1 kg tahini within 3-4 minute. And it makes 1 kg tahini from 1 kg sesame.

There is not anything additives, you can sell to customer the fresh and natural tahini and you can steal your customer's heart.

Our machine might grind 50 kg / hour but output product wont be like wanted. Our firm don't suggest this. For use the tahini in the breakfast, output product should be 40 - 60 micron value. So our machine capacity is bordered as 20 kg/ hour.

Our machine comes into prominence with silent and esthetics direction. It is produced 304 quality stainless steel material and fit for food sector. It is not plating or chrome plating.

We have producing intended for food sector as a proje.

Dimensions:32 x 32 x 80 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight:35 kg
Capacity:20 kg / Hour
Power:1.5 Kw
2 Year Product Guarantee
5 Year Blade System Guarantee
Not Disturbing Working Sound
Working with 220 Volt Energy
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What is Tahini Machine?

In today's conditions, tahini production is ensured under the most suitable conditions for crushing sesame seeds and turning them into tahini. Tahini machines, which are extremely healthy and delicious, as well as hot and fresh production, are produced in all businesses that are suitable for sale. It is a machine that can quickly produce fresh and hot tahini for market-type businesses. With the tahini machine, you set up a small tahini factory in your market and delicatessen. It occupies very little space in your business with its 32 cm floor area and 80 cm height. Tahini machine produces 20 kg of tahini per hour.

Tahini, which we do not miss from our tables, is one of the unique tastes. The use of tahini is very common in many dishes, especially in Turkish and Arab cuisine. Tahini machine has a superior functionality in this context. Tahini machine production lines include different stages with various processes such as sesame paste. That's why you need to give importance to high quality in the purchase of tahini machine.

The sesame tahini machine special for businesses, where you can use a fresh tahini mill for grinding sesame seeds and producing tahini, meets your needs in the most accurate quality. You can serve your customers by grinding tahini both hot and fresh, together with the tahini machine that works in 2 stages.

Tahini Grinding Machine

Our tahini grinding machines are aesthetic products inspired by modern technology developed to produce tahini without additives for natural and healthy nutrition. With the tahini grinding machine, wherever you want; You can meet your customers with natural, fresh and hot tahini in markets, delicatessens, spice shops, markets and grocery stores.

You can produce 1 kg of tahini with 1 kg of sesame in the tahini machines that allow you to produce 1 kg of tahini in a short time like 3 minutes. Our machines with user-friendly principles have a working sound that does not disturb.

Tahini milling machines contain processes that preserve the nutritional value of sesame seeds in the process of obtaining fresh tahini. It is ensured that the sesame seeds, which have undergone roasting processes, are directly transformed into tahini. Roasted sesame seeds are ready to be turned into tahini, separated from their shells.

While delicious tastes come out in the kitchens of our traditional tables, many oil seeds such as tahini and sesame take their place in the recipes. Roasted sesame seeds, freed from their shells with a tahini mill, turn into tahini, giving a distinct taste to desserts.

For those who want to reach the delicious taste of tahini at home, a "home type tahini machine" has been developed. Our home-type machines specially developed for those who enjoy producing and want to know what they eat; While it is in your kitchen with its aesthetic appearance, small footprint and silent working principle, it will conquer your heart with the warm and fresh tahini it offers every time. Gift yourself and your loved ones the healing of tahini with tahini machines that offer naturalness inspired by technology.

Tahini Production Machines

Tahini is a healthy and delicious food that is obtained from sesame seeds and is frequently used on the tables of countries such as Lebanon and Palestine. Tahini, which is not missing on the table with its harmony with molasses in Turkish breakfasts, is a type of food that is formed by soaking sesame seeds in salt water, separating their shells, and roasting the seeds and grinding them in tahini manufacturing machines. The nutritional content of tahini is quite high, so it is seen that tahini produced with clean content and high quality provides many benefits to the human body.

Tahini making machines are machines that ensure the production of fresh tahini and the preservation of the nutritional value of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds soaked in salt water are separated from their shells and after cleaning the wastes, they turn into tahini in tahini production machines. These machines produce tahini by grinding sesame. The sesame that gets rid of the garbage is dried well and the tahini making machines grind the dried sesame seeds well. This grindingprocess allows the sesame seeds to release their oil and aroma. Thus, fresh, intensely flavored tahini is always obtained. As the sesame oil is released, the tahini making machines continue to mix the oil. This movement of the machine performs the thickening of the sesame oil and the formation of tahini.

If you have a large-capacity business, market type tahini making machines may not be enough for your production level. You can use 2-stage tahini production machines to increase your production capacity and save time. Two gradual tahini machines both increase the production speed and minimize the cost. In tahini manufacturing machines, approximately 1 kg of tahini is obtained from 1 kg of sesame. Put the required amount of tahini in the mill section of the machine and start the machine. The working machine will grind the sesame seeds and extract the oil.

Tahini making machines, which make tahini paste in a short time of 4-5 minutes, produce tahini with healthy and clean content. Market type tahini machine and two-stage tahini machine, tahini making machines suitable for your business are available at Demirbas Machine. You can meet the tahini production capacity of your business with our high quality and long-lasting tahini production machines. In order to produce and consume tahini with fresh, hot and clean content at all times, you can obtain a tahini making machine from Demirbas Machine. You can produce delicious tahini with our two-stage tahini production machines for small businesses, market type and high production capacity companies.

What Do Tahini Machines Do?

The first step in tahini machines, which are needed in tahini production processes, first starts with putting the sesame seeds into the salt pool. Then the peel off functionality comes into play. After the shells settle to the bottom, foreign materials are separated. Sesame oil is extracted by crushing the sesame and when it reaches a thick consistency, tahini is obtained. The machines you need during the production of tahini, which is one of the indispensable tastes of the tables, are offered to your service by our brand.

You can use the sesame seeds to be thrown into the machine as the most delicious food item by grinding them into tahini. With this tahini mill, which is also known as sesame machines, you will be able to produce tahini by separating the sesame and the shells and grinding them slowly.

Tahini, which is one of the most consumed foods in winter months, brings a unique taste along with the benefits it contains. If you want to produce tahini quickly and in large quantities, you can turn your route to Demirbas Machine. You can produce at maximum capacity and get delicious results with the tahini machines we have in line with your needs.

Tahini machine will enable you to reduce your costs to the minimum level as well as its high capacity. These machines, which consist of various lines and equipment, are your biggest support in realizing the practical and fastest production with their different functions. Tahini machines, which we have designed with the aim of easing the workload and increasing the speed of businesses, are the professional solution to your needs with the highest quality form.

Two Gradual Tahini Mill

Our company, which produces two-stage tahini mills as well as market type tahini machines, produces this machine in line with the needs of semi-professional enterprises. In other words, we can say that the two gradual tahini mill is the most accurate product for small and medium-sized businesses that are one click away.

Enterprises with a daily sales amount of 200 kg or more can produce maximum capacity with this machine. While the costs are minimized, the production amount reaches the maximum level. You can also access the tahini machine types you need for your company with Demirbas Machine quality. You can double the indispensable taste of tahini with your flawless production. You can experience our high quality standards by contacting us on our page to order.

You can find a very useful and performance-based solution with Tahini machines. In two-stage production, you can see the performance that is suitable for the best use. Accordingly, you can choose single or multi-headed tahini machines in the tahini machines that you will have in the desired dimensions, regardless of small or large, and you can produce to meet your needs at the intensive production point.

Tahini Machine Prices

Since the benefits of tahini, which is consumed heavily during the winter months, are known, there is a high demand in the world in general. After the production of sesame seeds, they are completely processed in the tahini mill and turned into high quality tahini. Accordingly, preferable hot tahini machine prices can be provided to you as Demirbas Machine inTurkey with the most appropriate price policy.

By looking at the tahini machine models with the best price guarantee, you can buy a large tahini machine according to the size of your business, or you can serve your customers in an easy, fast and practical way with the production of a smaller-scale hot and fresh tahini machine.

Demirbas Machine, an organization in the world, provides the best service in response to all your demands and offers you a 100% best price guarantee with production from high quality materials. You can contact us for all your questions and concerns about the tahini mill. You can find answers to all your questions with our expert team, which you will contact by phone or on our website.

Recently, many types of machines have come out. The most used of these is the mini tahini machine. Mini tahini machine prices are sold at affordable prices compared to other types of tahini machines. It also takes up very little space due to its size.

Second Hand Tahini Machine

Tahini is undoubtedly one of the most loved and consumed foods in the world. Tahini, which is obtained from sesame, has recently started to take place especially in desserts. The production and delivery of tahini to the table involves an extremely laborious process.

Tahini production is facilitated by machines. Tahini production processes are carried out perfectly thanks to the machines used. Sesame seeds are thrown into tahini machines known as tahini mills in Turkey, and tahini is obtained in this way.

Tahini is a very delicious food. It has many health benefits as well as being delicious. It supplies most of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. It prevents the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, and also supports bone and muscle development.

Most people want to reach the tahini, which has so many benefits for human health, easily and while the tahini is hot. Here, the most important step taken towards facilitating access to tahini is the small tahini machine. Thanks to the tahini machine, especially large or small market-type enterprises, delicatessens, places selling nuts and similar businesses can produce tahini in their own enterprises.

In order for businesses to produce and sell tahini, all they have to do is buy a small tahini machine that produces tahini. Small tahini machines are extremely efficient and fast machines with a very small footprint in your business. Tahini machine is a machine that performs different processes and passes the sesame seeds through different stages. For this reason, if you are considering buying a tahini machine, you should pay attention to the high quality of the machine.

If high-quality tahini machines exceed your budget, you can buy a second-hand tahini machine. But before you buy a second hand tahini machine, there are some points that you should pay attention to. The fact that the second-hand tahini machine you will buy belongs to a quality brand is an extremely important criterion for the efficiency you will get. You should also pay attention to how the person or institution from which you will buy the machine used the machine before you. If you have the opportunity, seeing how the machine works can prevent possible deception problems.

If your tahini machine will be second hand, we recommend you to buy it from Demirbas Machine brand. Since our brand offers a long life opportunity with high quality machines, the efficiency you will get from the machine will be longer than other brands.

Second Hand Tahini Machine Prices

Tahini is a food that is consumed more especially in winter months due to its many benefits. Tahini, which is in high demand in our country during the winter months, is obtained by completely processing the sesame seeds in the tahini machine after they are produced. Appropriate and preferable top quality machines are offered to your service with Demirbas Machine.

As Demirbas Machine, we guarantee that it is the most suitable price, whether it is never used or second hand. When choosing the most suitable tahini machine for your budget and business, it will be one of your most logical choices to use Demirbas Machine brand machines. With the tahini machines of Demirbas Machine, a global company, you can provide your customers with easy, fast, practical and top quality service.

A Demirbas Machine branded tahini machine meets all your needs in the best way. Composed of high quality materials, the machine is extremely durable and very easy to use.

Demirbas Machine's products have a 5-year blade warranty. When purchasing a second-hand tahini machine, you should ask the person or company you bought it to have a guarantee for the machine. If you could not get information about this subject from the person or institution you purchased from, and if your product's brand is Demirbas Machine, you can contact us by calling us and you can have information about whether your product is under warranty.

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