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Tahini Machine

Tahini Machine

We obtained hundred of customer domestic and abroad in recent years with most popular tahini machine. Tahini machine is very speacial prodcut and add value for our factory.

All the markets, shops, spice stores, delicatessens can make own tahini and sell to customer as a fresh and hot. Our machine can make 1 kg tahini within 3-4 minute. And it makes 1 kg tahini from 1 kg sesame.

There is not anything additives, you can sell to customer the fresh and natural tahini and you can steal your customer's heart.

Our machine might grind 50 kg / hour but output product wont be like wanted. Our firm don't suggest this. For use the tahini in the breakfast, output product should be 40 - 60 micron value. So our machine capacity is bordered as 20 kg/ hour.

Our machine comes into prominence with silent and esthetics direction. It is produced 304 quality stainless steel material and fit for food sector. It is not plating or chrome plating.

We have producing intended for food sector as a proje.

Dimensions:32 x 32 x 80 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight:35 kg
Capacity:20 kg / Hour
Power:1.5 Kw
2 Year Product Guarantee
5 Year Blade System Guarantee
Not Disturbing Working Sound
Working with 220 Volt Energy
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What is Tahini Machine?

Its machine can realize that fastly hot and fresh tahini for market type businesses. You would be built a tahini factory for your business with our Tahini Machine. It takes up very little space in your business with its 32 cm floor area and 80 cm height. Tahini machine realizes to produce 20 kg tahini per hour.

Tahini is one of our traditional and unique tastes that do not fall from the table. Tahini use is widespread in eats and every place in the world. Within the framework, it has a superior lot of functions. So, you should give attach importance to high quality while buying a tahini machine.

What does Tahini Machine do?

First of all, before start tahini makes production the sesame should be processed. The sesames should enter to the salt pool. Then the dehulling functionality comes into play. After the shells settle to the bottom, foreign substances are separated. Sesame contains a high amount of oil so if you grind with our machine you can get natural ve healthy tahini. The machines you need during the production of tahini, one of the indispensable flavors of the tables, are offered by our brand.

Tahini, one of the most commonly consumed foods in the winter months, brings with it a unique taste along with the benefits it contains. If you want to make the tahini faster and the high amount you can turn the route to Demirbas Machine. In the direction of your necessaries, you can produce in maximum capacity and obtain delicious results with our tahini machines in the factory have and would have quality.

Tahini machine, high capacity alongside it makes minimize your cost. Tahini machine occurs from various pieces of equipment it is very practiced with different functions and it will be the biggest supporter in your market. Our machines are designed to reduce workload density of your business and arise speed productions. Our grinding machine has produced to cater to the purpose of your all necessaries.

Two Gradual Tahini Grinding Mill

Market type tahini machine alongside if you want, you can choose our two gradual tahini grinding machines, too. This machine is semi-professional for bigger businesses. if you have a business middle or between middle and big, you can prefer two gradual tahini grinding mill, this will be an option truest for you.

It can release maximum capacity production with this machine that daily sales amount above 200 kg and more for businesses. You can rise production quantity while reducing your costs. You can achieve your firm needs varieties of the tahini machines with Demirbas Machine. You can experience our high-quality standards by contacting us on our page to order.



Exponatura 2019 From Fair

We would like to thank the Exponatura fair, which brought us the joy of being the first fair of 2019. In the first month of the new year, it made us pretty excited. As Demirbas Machine, we hosted our customers, who have adopted a natural and natural lifestyle, at the Exponatura fair and provided the opportunity to meet with many local and foreign customers.

In the first month of the year, it provided us with the opportunity to meet hundreds of new customers and we met and chatted with our satisfied customers. New agreements have given new dealerships.

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