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Almond Puree Machine

Almond Puree Machine
Almond Puree Machine

Traditionally, the flowing water stops when it comes to eating in the world. As many countries that have achieved the highest level of taste in food, they add new flavors to their meals day by day with the methods we have developed. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in sweet products such as pastry and chocolate.

The almond puree machine, which is required for the almond puree needed especially in the chocolate, halva and pastry sector, is a very popular product. These machines within our brand save you a great deal of trouble by providing you the highest level of quality. In order to increase the quality of your businesses and add flavor to the products you sell, we manufacture the machines to be included in your business.

The Purpose of the Almond Puree Machine

It is a machine whose production has started because it is among the needs of the sector. When businesses were looking to make their work easier by adding different flavors to their products, we wanted to support businesses with such a machine. It is a machine that is frequently used and needed by businesses that sell such as dried fruits, herbalists, markets and delicatessens.

These machines attract the attention of people and carry to better view the quality of your firm. Although the almond puree machine is of such high quality, its price has been kept at a minimum. This small machine with a weight of 30 kg has a power of 0.55kw-220 volts in power maintenance. The capacity is determined as 20-50 kg/hour. Its dimensions are 60x30x60 cm. The best quality machines have been presented to them, considering the finest detail for businesses.

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