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House Type Cold Press Machine

House Type Cold Press Machine
House Type Cold Press Machine

Cold press machines have started to be preferred by people who want to be fed in a healthy and natural way. Especially the seeds that can extract oil have very positive contributions to the human body. Although the human body needs these oils, manpower is not enough to extract the oil from the seeds. While the oils of these seeds can be easily removed with the cold-pressed oil machine, it has become easier to consume the oil in nuts such as peanuts and walnuts in a natural way in cold-pressed form. This oil extraction machine, which is for the needs of those who want to eat in a healthy way, is preferred for the easy extraction of many types of oil.

Budget-friendly cold press machines provide benefits in meeting the degreasing demand of people for useful oils. These machines, which are highly preferred in businesses, have recently increased in use in homes. The ease of use of these machines, also known as the cold press oil extraction process, is such that anyone can easily produce oil. The cold pressing process starts easily after the seeds or the products whose oil is desired to be extracted are thrown into the machine. The machines that extract the oil freshly by cold pressing in a short time are used in many places from large factories to small businesses, from snack shops to homes.

What is a Household Cold Press Machine?

Machines that produce a new food by squeezing the oil are called cold press machines, which are used to obtain oil with the oil in useful seeds together with its ease of use and economical price. Our cold press oil machines produced with stainless steel do not cause difficulties in terms of cleaning as much as they are easy to use. Cold press machines can be used in businesses as well as at home with different models.

Since the household oil extraction machine on our site is a portable machine, you can easily move it to the area you want at home and start using it. While the stainless steel machine produces oil in a healthy way, it will also create a very stylish image in your kitchens. You can decorate your counters with a cold press machine in your kitchens, or you can easily install them in your garden and remove your oil easily whenever you want. You can use the affordable cold-pressed oil machine you will buy from our site for many years.

Easily Extract Your Oil With Cold Press Machine

Oil pressing machines are used for cold pressing of seeds with oil. The oils found in seeds and cookies have many benefits for human health. The oils found in hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts and almonds, which are types of nuts, are very rich in gamma tocopherol, which stops the enzymes that are harmful to the body to survive.

According to studies, those who constantly consume almond, pistachio, walnut and almond oil have a half reduction in the growth rate of cancerous cells compared to those who do not consume them. As these benefits have been talked about a lot lately, the consumption of these oils has also started to increase. Oil squeezing machines respond to these demands in the easiest way. Oil squeezing machine performs cold press oil extraction process within minutes. If you are a business owner, you can increase your customers with fresh product sales by purchasing an oil extraction machine from our site. In continuous use, our cold press oil machines will easily produce at home.

You can easily obtain the oil of many oil seeds found in delicatessens such as flaxseed, coconut, sesame, poppy, cumin, as well as dried nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, with a cold press machine. You can produce coconut oil, which burns fat and helps to lose weight, with cold-pressed machines and consume it with your drinks such as coffee. Flaxseed oil, which is good for skin problems such as acne and pimples, can be easily consumed with salad, yogurt and cold fruits.

How to Use a House Type Cold Press Machine

In recent years, various diseases have started to emerge with the weakening of people's immune systems. For this reason, people's orientation to natural and healthy products has increased. In particular, the benefits of many seeds in various subjects such as strengthening immunity, preventing cancer, accelerating metabolism have been proven as a result of researches. The beneficial oils in these seeds can only be extracted with the help of machines. Cold pressed machines make it easier to consume by removing black cumin oil, coconut oil, black cumin oil, sesame oil and even pumpkin seed oil, which are beneficial for human health. They offer healthy alternatives instead of harmful oils in different recipes as well as being consumed with meals. You can produce long-lasting oil for your factories and businesses with our cold press oil machines.

With the cold press oil machine at Demirbas Machine in Turkey, you can easily extract the oils of your products with the squeezing method of the machine without mixing the essential oils in the seeds into the air. Depending on the hardness of the product you put into the chamber, you can perform the pressing process at home, thanks to the settings in the machine itself. This system, called the inverter speed control system, increases the variety of products that can be squeezed in the machine. Home type oil extraction machine is preferred a lot with its stylish designs that can be used in kitchens and gardens. Our machines made of stainless steel can be used easily for our customers who want to produce their own oils.

Where Can be Used Areas The Cold Press Machines

Cold pressing machines; It is highly preferred in markets, grocery stores and especially in dried fruit stores. The use of this machine is essential in order to produce oil by squeezing oil seeds. Extraction of oils in the form of cold pressing is of great importance for human health. The squeezing of products without heating is called cold pressing. Especially recently, with the benefit of cold pressed oils for human health, the need for these oils has increased tremendously. With the increase in consumption, businesses producing this type of oil have also increased.

A cold pressed machine is needed for many products to be oiled, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and various oil seeds. With these machines, the production of useful oils can be carried out easily in individual kitchens with high quality. Today, cold press machines that take their place on the counter are preferred in herbalists, spice shops, big markets and even in homes.

Tahini Machine
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 80 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: 35 kg
Capacity: 20 kg / Hour
Power: 1.5 Kw
Peanut Butter Machine (Gold Color)
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 60 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: 30 Kg
Capacity: 50 Kg / Hour
Power: 1.5 Kw
Cold Oil Press Machine
Dimensions: 25 x 50 x 100 cm
Weight: 68
Capacity: 1-40 Kg
Power: 1.5 Kw