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Automatic Halva Cutting Machine

Automatic Halva Cutting Machine
Automatic Halva Cutting Machine

The halva, which is produced in compressed form and will go to cut in the form of a mold without human touch as it leaves the factory, is completed in two directions with the halva cutting machine. Halva cutting machines are prepared in desired volumes by cutting halva in two directions, one length and the other transversely, and it also performs cutting operations such as Turkish delight machines, as well as halva and Turkish delight.

In the advanced factories, the sesame shell peels off by the peeling machine. The machines sesame seeds can grind in the manner thinnest. The first tahini and then halva are made. With the halva cutting machines that are expected to be completed faster and the workmanship is desired, the halva is prepared in the factories by cutting the halva in the desired dimensions quickly and ready by full automatic halva cutting machine. These machines are produced in a way that they can cut together with the same mold without deteriorating the fiber structure of the hot halva and without hardening it in any way.

You can prepare the desired portions for the halvah cutting machine in portioned productions. When you save the portion settings directly in the production lines, you can make all adjustments with a single button in equivalent weights and divide them into molds from production as you wish with different calibration combinations.

Halva Cutting Machine Features

When the technical specifications for the halva cutting machine are examined, it comes to the fore in many aspects. These machines, which have chromium-nickel alloy content, are made conveniently with all food products and have a stainless structure. These cuts are automatically cut in the correct size and equally by making cuts in the determined maximum weight qualities. Measurement adjustment is possible according to halva and you can adjust the size of the cooling zone according to the production rate.

Depending on the automation, as it will be fast and practical, you will be served as halva machines for cutting halva quickly without taking too much time, without the need for manual ripping or weighing. And then, you can pack has cut halwa by means of packing machines after the full automatic machine.

This production line, which will save the labor force as much as possible and will make halva cutting processes based on automation, creates a cutting line for halva with a healthy structure and can be divided into equal parts with a sensitive weight meter. Thanks to the working sound that does not disturb the workforce, you can operate the line 24/7 and carry out the production line with as little noise as possible.

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