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Coconut Cold Press Machine

Coconut Cold Press Machine
Coconut Cold Press Machine

In order to obtain coconut oil used in many areas, cold-pressed machines are required. Cold press oil machine is a very important product both in terms of usage and functionality. It is used in many areas. It is very important in the production of oils. The product, which is used in different areas and sectors, works with the desired stage option. It continues production by making the squeezing of many products and producing oil from many products such as coconut.

The machine, which is very useful for businesses, is very important in terms of both being portable and usage. The product produced by the company that meets the customer expectations in the best way is very popular by the buyers. It continues to sell by making a difference to other companies with its product quality. Different size options and desired colors are also available.

In Which Areas Is The Cold Press Machine Used?

The cold pressing machine, whose importance is increasing day by day and widely used in many fields, takes its place in different sectors every day. The product, which is widely used in medium and small businesses, is also widely used in nuts and delicatessen. The features and design of the product are very useful, as well as the desired level.

It has a very important usage area in places that sell herbal products. It has two types, medium size and small size, according to the preference of those who wish. Its internal capacity shows a performance enough to remove the oil of 40 kg of product per hour. Time-saving and economical prices for products found in buyers in Turkey Demirbas Machine Company is the owner of a high quality product design and interior design.

What is the Cold Press Machine Usage Capacity?

The machine, which has a feature in many areas, also shows squeezing in different products such as extracting cold-pressed coconut oil. The machine, which is suitable for medium and small businesses, is also indispensable for kitchens at homes because it is portable. It has an internal capacity of 40 kg and its oil production potential can produce 40 kg per hour.

The machine, which is produced by Demirbas Machine, also has a certain blade range. The product, which has a very large working potential, is the most preferred machine in the sector. The product quality and interior design of the company are also of high quality. It has the desired level setting. The product is available in different sizes and also has different color options. It is a machine highly preferred by herbalists, nuts and delicatessen.

What Are The Features Of The Cold-Pressed Oil Machine?

The usage features of the portable machine in medium and small sizes are as follows;

  • Dimensions: 25 * 100
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Energy input: 220V / 380V
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Working time: It has 24-hour non-stop working feature.
  • Motor power: 1.5 Kw
  • Thermostat, digital temperature controlled 600 W
  • Seed pulling capacity: 40 kg in 1 hour
  • 2-year firm warranty is available,
  • 10-year spare parts warranty
  • The packaging part is crate,
  • Made in Turkey.

Which Products Can Be Used?

The product performs the shooting of many seeds and nuts. Among these products, poppy, black cumin, pomegranate seeds, caraway seeds, grape seeds, sesame, mustard, canola seeds, flax seeds, apricot seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, tomato seeds, pepper seeds, poppy seeds, safflower. It extracts the oil of seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut and many more kernels, nuts and seeds, allowing them to work with the desired properties.

It provides benefit to the buyer's business by providing the expected production. Like many products, it provides the extraction of oil by performing the pressing process for cold pressed coconut. The product capacity is also quite large. It saves time for the business with the oil of 40 kg of product produced per hour and enables it to produce.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Cold Press Machine for Businesses?

In order to make fast production, product internal capacity comes first among the points that businesses pay attention to. It allows to save time with both fast and large capacity ratio. Among the expectations of the enterprises, the power they spend is among the very important details. Being portable and easy to carry is one of the important details preferred for those who want to move.

While the interior design of the machine, which has different options, is made by master modelists in the field, the quality production of the company is among the most preferred. It is very important to meet the expectations of the customers. While many products such as cold-pressed coconut oil are manufactured, it is a very important detail that 100% organic products are produced for buyers.

The Formation Process of Fats

They are very important machines for obtaining oil from oilseeds in an important formation process in the cold-pressed press machine. The machine, which is divided into two types among themselves, is also available for home type. It differs in size and length in its type for businesses. Its most important feature is that it has step adjustment.

It varies according to the preference of those who want with the desired speed option. Their expectations become the preference of customers, with all the functions of the product working flawlessly. The fact that it has a lot of usage areas also shows how much it is preferred among businesses.

Demirbas Machine company also relieves the buyers by offering a 2-year warranty and 10-year spare parts warranty on the products. with free shipping by providing transportation to anywhere in Turkey also it allows you to reach the receiver.

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