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Hazelnut Puree Machine

Hazelnut Puree Machine
Hazelnut Puree Machine

Thanks to the developed flavors in the world, we encounter different tastes all over the world. When you go out on the streets with the developing culture, we encounter different tastes at every corner. As such businesses increased, the needs began to emerge. Especially when the nuts, which are indispensable for us, began to be mixed into many flavors, we produced a hazelnut puree machine as a solution.

Since the first products that come to mind when it comes to quality products belong to us, many businesses prefer us when making their choices. This machine will serve you for a long time with its stainless blade and stainless body. It has been designed and produced with the finest detail in mind for businesses to get the highest level of performance. These machines will be very useful for you in order to add even more flavor to your different flavors.

This machine, which weighs 30 kg, has an energy of 0.55kw - 220 Volts and meets your needs with a capacity of 20 - 50 kg/hour. With a size of 60x30x60, it is suitable to work in small businesses. As the hazelnut puree machine will work for dessert productions and different flavors, these foods can be consumed simply. Businesses generally buy this machine to produce. Since they can buy such a high-quality machine at a minimum price, all our customers give good feedback with satisfaction. You can make your work easier with just one button to catch perfect comfort. If you want to do quality work, you should definitely have these machines.

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