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How to Understand Natural Tahini?

How to Understand Natural Tahini?
How to Understand Natural Tahini?

Tahini, the first to come to mind of flavors such as tahini and molasses, which come to our tables as dessert, including hummus, is often difficult to find in today's conditions in a very delicious state and to reach it in a fresh form. How to understand when obtaining natural tahini?

In order to make quality tahini and molasses, you need pure and natural tahini. As for how to understand natural tahini, it should be important to have tahini without any additives in its content. In addition, no additional oil should be added during tahini production.

During the winter months, while tahini is produced, which is useful against many flu or colds, in order to keep people's body warm, they are produced from sesame with white skin. While producing tahini, sesame is crushed and its oil is extracted together with the sesame. In this way, the mixture is prepared for use in many places, including tahini and molasses. For the question of how to get tahini, it is possible to say that tahini is obtained from sesame seeds.

In the general stage, sesame seeds are soaked and sieved. Separated sesame seeds are then roasted. It is usually prepared as double roasted and roasted at 150 - 200 C for about 2-3 hours. It is obtained by crushing sesame sesame seeds in tahini crushing machines as an application area. It is completely natural to crush the oil and sesame seeds in a few hours without using any additives. You can always buy tahini crushing machines suitable for home and workplaces, and use them with peace of mind.

Tahini, which is used for a delicious consumption in many places, is used as a dessert for breakfast, as tahini sauce in meals or similarly, natural tahini is used to add flavor and elegance in different dishes. It is not only molasses but also consumed by mixing it with honey if desired, and it provides a delicious addition thanks to its high protein content and natural oils.

To obtain a good tahini, it is necessary to look at whether it is natural or not. How to understand natural tahini? On the subject, it is enough to witness the production stages as much as possible or to look at the smell and consistency in a similar way. If there is no abnormal taste, smell or consistency, you may notice it is a natural tahini. You should be careful not to smell mold and you are expected to see that its consistency is between solid and liquid. Make sure it is not liquefied like water.

One of the situations where you can understand the naturalness of tahini is that it should not leave a bitter taste. In this regard, you can taste the flavors of sesame and tahini exactly as you taste tahini, as well as when you taste the natural tahini rich in protein and minerals.

What is the Benefit of Tahini to the Body?

Tahini is a complete protein rich thanks to its content. In terms of comparison, tahini contains much more protein than milk, and thanks to the minerals and proteins it contains, it is both beneficial for brain functions and has an energy-containing effect. Since it contains vitamins and minerals in the human body, natural tahini, which nourishes the body and protects your heart, is produced specially by being drawn in areas such as delicatessen or similar spice shops with special machines. However, it is possible to consume natural tahini both in meals and with desserts. For fresh production, you can also buy a suitable tahini crushing machine for home.

As such a useful and beneficial food, it is normal to always seek natural and special tahini. The fact that the nutritional values ​​it contains are high and of high quality, being herbal is nutritious for the human body. As such, it is useful to pay attention to having a natural tahini producer and machine at your addresses where you can choose in this regard. In addition, as we mentioned above about what distinguishes natural tahini from the others, you can make your choices by paying attention to its texture, taste, color and smell. Accordingly, you can make your best tahini choices and make your tables delicious and nutritious with tahini produced from 100% natural sesame.

Does Tahini Spoil?

After tahini is extracted from sesame, it may deteriorate in liquid form. It can be stored at room temperature in dry, cool and sunless environments. In this regard, you can store many products, such as the cellar, in areas where you keep them cool and cold. If you are going to be consumed within a few months, you can store your tahini wherever the environment is cool, not in the refrigerator.

If the tahini is spoiled, what you can understand is to look for mold or not. You can notice it mostly by looking at the musty smell or whether there is a green to blue layer on the surface. If there is a sour or heavy odor in its taste, the tahini may be spoiled or moldy. If there is no problem in terms of appearance and smell, you can use it as you wish and use it in your meals and desserts.

Tahini Machine
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Weight: 35 kg
Capacity: 20 kg / Hour
Power: 1.5 Kw
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