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Market Type Tahini Machine

Market Type Tahini Machine
Market Type Tahini Machine

Nowadays, with the development of technology, new types of machines have started to be produced. We have developed a market type tahini machine to support you with market type tahini machines for your development. In this way, your markets will reach the quality you expect and turn into an area where you can produce tahini with a tahini machine.

Get one step ahead of your competitors by establishing a small factory in the market. Since you will have a small area, we aim to provide you an advantage by thinking to the finest detail and keeping the size and aspect ratio at the maximum level. We provide you a unique performance with our machine with a height of 80 cm and a base width of 32 cm.

Thanks to this machine, you will be able to provide a quality service to your customers by producing 15 kg of tahini within 1 hour with the small factory you set up in your market. With the quality we provide, you will have taken a good step in expanding your business by contributing to the consumption of tahini, which is common in your country.

You know that the consumption of tahini, which is not missing from breakfast, is quite common, but it is a frequently demanded food. It will become indispensable for you by making your work easier with its improved function structures. The production lines of these machines will meet your expectations more, and will make it easier for you to do different types of operations such as sesame paste and serve you in different areas.

Provide Easy Production with Tahini Machine

Thanks to the mini tahini mill, you will be able to easily deliver the tahini that you started to produce in your markets to your customers. Thanks to the market type tahini machine, you will create your own brand and create a customer potential that will increase from small to large and will be preferred in tahini. With this job that you will start with a small production, you will prove yourself in this field by showing your quality to your customers and you will become a leader in your region.

The fact that tahini consumption is so widespread in your country will be a great advantage for you and this food, which is widely used at home, will become indispensable for your homes by adding a separate flavor to the meals or snacks made. With the increase in your production, you will be able to gain high profits by decreasing your costs. By providing them with the differences that customers expect from the business, you will be ahead of your competitors in their eyes.

Thanks to the tahini machine, the customer potential of your market will increase and you will have permanent customers. In a way, it will be an advantage to attract customers to the business. Thanks to the practical use of our tahini machine, we are preferred as Demirbaş Makina by customers. Because we provide you with the best quality and most delicious way to produce tahini and we enable you to make excess production by minimizing the cost. With the design of our product created with you in mind, we enable you to produce without taking up much space in your market. In addition to these, our products, which support you in professionalization, will increase you in a positive way.

Following the innovations will increase you again in the eyes of the customers. We show that we provide you high quality service with the sound feature that will not disturb you during production, as well as giving the long-term guarantee of the blade system inside (5 Years ). In addition, you can produce 1 kg of tahini in 3 to 4 minutes with 1 kg of sesame seeds. Since tahini that you produce completely naturally will attract the attention of customers with its naturalness, it will have a positive effect on your side again. Because in today's conditions, customers tend to prefer natural products. Naturalness, which plays an important role in health, will be among the reasons for you to choose.

The thinness of the product you produce for a breakfast tahini should be between 40 and 60 microns. We definitely recommend that you pay attention to this detail in order to capture a quality product. It is possible to produce 50 kg of tahini per hour by not following this rule. However, your customers may not be satisfied because the tahini you produce too much will not be as thin as you expect. If the returns are negative, you cannot get the results you expect and you will not be able to provide customer satisfaction. For this, we recommend that you produce 15 kg of tahini per hour. You will achieve quality growth in a short time with our machine. We continue our production for your quality.

Tahini Machine
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 80 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: 35 kg
Capacity: 20 kg / Hour
Power: 1.5 Kw
Two Gradual Tahini Mill
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 190 cm
Weight: 400 Kg
Capacity 50 Kg / Hour
Power: 5.5 Kw
Small Sesame Roasting Machine
Dimensions: 100 cm x 65 cm x 80cm
Weight: 90 Kg
Capacity: 25 Kg / Hour
Power: 5.5 Kw / Hour