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Oil Seed Crushing Machine

Oil Seed Crushing Machine
Oil Seed Crushing Machine

It is known that oil seeds and nuts are used in Turkish cuisine to add flavor to various dishes. The crushing of oil seeds such as walnuts and hazelnuts, which are preferred for different tastes, in the desired settings, helps them to be used in a quality that decorates and adds flavor to many dishes. Machines such as oilseed crushing machine are known as indispensable devices today in order to crush in the right proportion and not to lose flavor.

Crushing machines used to turn sesame into sesame paste result in the roasted sesame seeds being crushed into crushing. Today, tahini is used for delicious breakfasts, halva, or it is known that tahini is used in desserts and pastries. These crushing machines are highly preferred in order to achieve superior performance and to allow the use of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame, terebinth, poppy, peanuts, or many dried nuts to be crushed, particle or soft, with the power of the crushing machine.

While these multifunctional machines in functional terms are known as the best machines in their field of superior performance, they can be used appropriately at home or work places for the use of the equipment when needed. Both small businesses and large businesses, as well as the machines that can be used on the counter, these devices go through the evaluation process for use at home and are preferred by the end user.

How to Operate the Oil Seed Crushing Machine?

To use these oilseed crushers with a simple operating system, all you have to do is to operate the device with a single button. You can do your oilseed crushing without having a special experience or reading the user manual. You do not need to know any special usage experience in the productions you will make in this regard, and the products are added from the funnel opening of the oilseed crushing machine and you can use it instantly by turning the power button. There is an outlet cover on the chamber at the bottom of the machines. You can collect all your crushed products from there, pack them or pack them and present them to your customers as end users.

If you want to crush or puree fresh walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds directly at your home, you can collect them from the funnel part of this machine and collect them from the filling container below and take them in granular form.

Oil Seed Crushing Machine Features

It is used for crushing many oil seeds. For this reason, you can choose it to produce tahini from sesame, and you can instantly break it when you want to sprinkle it as an ornament on some nuts, peanuts, almonds or walnuts, such as nuts, cakes or various desserts.

It has a power of 0.55 kW as it is technically produced as a domestic motor. In addition, since its height is 60 cm, it is also suitable for use over the counter. It can also be used in the best way. Since it is made of 304 quality stainless steel, it does not hold any rust, trace or soot. This shows its quality that will allow you to use and wash as you wish in areas such as kitchens.

Professional solutions for crushing machines are of the nature you prefer to achieve a superior performance. Thanks to its high quality, you can crush and use it at the desired value. With its superior performance, you can either crush fatty products such as sesame and crush dried nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts or peanuts.

This crushing machine, which has always made a difference thanks to its high quality design and which is considered a strong system in its field, has a very good quality and feature in terms of capacity with its varieties. For this reason, you can grind 25 kg of peanuts per hour. Even poppies can be crushed up to 40 kg. At the same time, when you want to crush the oily seeds, it can be mashed and you have the opportunity to use it effectively.

It weighs approximately 30 kg with a portable and small appearance. In this way, it is a crushing machine suitable for intensive use in businesses and can be preferred for housewives at home. If it is to be used in businesses, it has opportunities such as crushing the desired products immediately next to the customer, removing the oil or packaging and presenting them by making them small.

It always makes a difference thanks to the silent operation sound. These machines, which can be preferred and bought directly as you need them, have a practical use. You can use it in high quality and will take its place among the kitchen tools and you can use it as a crushing machine, such as crushing, grinding or mash the oil from oil seeds to nuts.

If you want to crush hazelnuts or crush walnuts, cashews or turpentine between nuts, it will be able to be crushed with the qualities you want by showing a quality performance. You can use the crushing function at the desired value by taking advantage of this product in quality and maximum way.

You can comfortably ensure that hard nuts such as walnuts and peanuts are crushed and sold in their thin form. Thanks to its power that crushes and shreds many products, you can use it in the desired consistency and pack the product in this way and present it to your customers. You can make fresh production directly at your facility in these pastes made with an oilseed crushing machine, as the oil needs to make marzipan or peanut butter.

There is a great need for this type of market type products. Today, it is widely used both in businesses and in different places as well as in the home environment to provide professional solutions to intense demands.

Crushing Machine Types

These products, which you will use to crush different products such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts or sesame, can be used in the best way thanks to their innovative appearance and can be evaluated as open to use for retail businesses.

For the crushing machine, which is currently sold by Demirbas Machine as a total of 2 types of models, it is used directly in chrome (silver) color, as well as in gold color if desired in accordance with the enterprises. With your gold color preferences, you can achieve superior performance with gold crushing machine varieties, you can make the products you want to use at the production point by thinning the amount you want at the production point at the speed you want to crush the crops you prefer as kitchen products at your businesses or at home. You can make the desired color preferences as you wish.

Where is the Oil Seed Crushing Machine Used?

These are the places where you can get the best service for the oilseed and nuts grinding machines, which are used in many businesses, but also in the market or delicatessen, in the nuts, spice or market areas. In this regard, it is used both for removing the oil of the crops and for making tiny crushes by using the crushing machine.

With these magnificent professional machines, where you will crush all your products in a practical way at home using a single button, you will create quality products and there is no possibility of wasting, all the products you send from the funnel are directly crushed on the bottom plate. With the power button, you can use it strongly until you extract the oil directly from the oilseed and nuts by operating it with the quality you want.

If the products filled in the filling chamber have reached the desired consistency, you can fill them into packages or glass jars instantly and use them instantly whenever you want to use them. You can make the most of it with the crushing machine that you will operate with high quality and maximum capacity. Nowadays, you can benefit from the crushing machine with the best prices and you can do all your crushing processes for all products with this machine in a quality way.

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