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Peanut Squeezing Machine

Peanut Squeezing Machine
Peanut Squeezing Machine

Peanuts are one of the basic foodstuffs that are frequently produced and consumed in many areas of the food industry. The benefits of peanuts, as well as the frequency of consumption, are inexhaustible, and it is a meal recommended by experts to be consumed as much as a handful every day. There are various types of peanuts, of which our country is one of the leading countries in its production.

In addition to having many varieties, peanuts also have many production areas. It is useful to know these types of peanuts well in order to better understand which type of peanut used in many other ways such as cookies, vegetable oil and paste, and how we should benefit. Let's take a look at these peanut varieties together.

  • Peanut: Also known as Arachis Hypogaea, peanuts contain various healthy ingredients such as fat, protein and carbohydrate; It is a very valuable plant especially used in the oil industry and snack production. 32 different types of peanuts have been identified in itself, but don't be afraid, we will not mention them in this article. The main point we will be talking about is the usage of peanuts. The high fat content of peanuts, which are mostly consumed as snacks, paves the way for their use as vegetable oil.

The most common use of peanuts, especially in the United States, is paste, which can be used in various sweets and confectionery making. For this reason, it has become a necessity to establish large facilities that convert 10 tons of peanuts to crush in an hour in the United States.

  • Pistachio: We came to the most produced and consumed pistachio variety in our country. Pistachio, whose Latin name is pistacia vera, is a shelled fruit belonging to the gum tree family. Peanut, grown from pistachio tree, is a product that is frequently used in the dessert and food industry. Although its production in the world is mostly concentrated in Iran, the United States of America and China, it is produced in our country in a considerable way.

This type of pistachio, which is also classified as Antep, Siirt, Damascus and Iranian pistachio, has a very common production and consumption of paste, but this consumption is not as common as peanut.

  • Pine Nut: It is a type of peanut that is obtained by breaking the hard shells extracted from the cones of pine nuts and reaching very high levels in terms of nutritional value. Tree length of this species, which is observed in many Mediterranean countries, can reach up to 20 meters.

Production generally starts after the 20th birthday of the tree. The production of pine nuts, which can be renewed and whose commercial value is at a satisfactory level, is generally carried out in Muğla, Aydın and İzmir cities in the Aegean Region of our country. Especially, Aydın's Koçarlı district realizes 50% of the pine nut production in our country. This type of pistachio, which can be used as rice, stuffed and halva material, is generally not pureed.

  • Cashew Nuts: Also known as Anacardium Occidentale in Latin, cashew nuts attract attention as one of the most expensive peanut. Cashew nut, a tropical climate plant belonging to the gum family family, was first grown in Brazil and was introduced to the rest of the world by the Portuguese as a result of colonization activities.

The fact that the apples of the cashew nut, which is suitable for the climatic rainy and humid equatorial climate and grown best in this environment, also yield only one peanut, which causes its value to be quite high for these two reasons. Cashew paste, which can also be used in making alcohol with the fermentation method, and its use in the form of crushing are also not very common.

Demirbas Machine Peanut Squeezing Machines

We mentioned that the crushed form of peanuts, which have many types and can be used and produced in many ways, is quite common, especially in peanuts. For this reason, fast, safe and practical peanut squeezing machines are needed in order to ensure the most accurate use and production.

These machines should not add any additives during the production phase, should be able to be operated by the least possible personnel and be easy to use. It is of great importance to choose reliable and industry-leading brands in machines that can reveal an efficient and successful production process if these requirements are met.

As Demirbas Machine, we continue to be the first choice of our customers due to our years of experience and being one of the leading companies in the sector. Our uninterrupted support to our customers after machine sales, the durability and warranty of our products, and their production performance and efficiency make us preferred again every time.

Accordingly, our crushing machine, which is the biggest assistant of small and medium-sized enterprises, is presented to the experience of our customers with its production model that combines innovative design and developing technology. Our machine, which you can use in the crushing and squeezing processes of many types of nuts, including walnut and pistachio, with peace of mind, shows superior success in pulling for cashew and meneng.

Our machine works with 220V energy power and at this point, it brings you a lot of benefits. Our machine, which offers a capacity of 25 kilograms per hour for peanuts, will help your small and medium-sized enterprises and give you the speed, practicality and durability you need. In addition, you will be able to decide the consistency of the product you will obtain thanks to our patented knife adjustment system, which is owned by our machine and is completely owned by us.

You can choose us to meet the needs of your business in the most accurate way and to make your production both higher quality and more efficient. Please contact us for more detailed information about our crushing machine, which will definitely meet your peanut squeezing and crushing needs, as well as other products that facilitate our customers' work in many areas.

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