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Pistachio Squeezing Machine

Pistachio Squeezing Machine
Pistachio Squeezing Machine

Pistachios are among our favorite nuts. Although it takes a little effort to eat it due to its shelled structure, its magnificent taste makes people ignore this factor.

Approximately 95% of the pistachio produced in Turkey is grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. This product, which is distributed to all parts of our country from here, finds its place in many different foods from desserts to meals.

In order for pistachio to reach us and it must go through certain processes to make pistachio butter. Of course, it is not possible to manage the entire process with manual operations. Tons of pistachios in need of Turkey is ready using special machines. The pistachio squeezing machine is one of these machines.

What is Pistachio Squeezing Machine?

After the pistachio is harvested, many different processes are applied until it reaches our tables. These processes are carried out to ensure that pistachios have the highest flavor. While these processes are carried out, the pistachio squeezing machine also undertakes very important tasks.

This machine, which is completely made of stainless material, is used to turn pistachios into a paste (puree). However, this is not the only task. With the squeezing process it applies, it ensures that excess water is removed from the pistachio. The foreign matter will move away from the pistachio in this process.

The pistachio juicing machine, which can work continuously for a very long time, is among the sine qua non for professional producers.

What are the Features of the Pistachio Squeezing Machine?

There are features to be considered when purchasing a pistachio juicing machine. Not every machine offers all of these features to its users. Those who want to use these machines for a long time without any problems will need to turn to machines that can offer the maximum of these features.

The machine consists of two main areas. There is a funnel-chamber feeding section at the top. Its funnel is extremely large. It allows the peanuts to be filled even with sacks. Pistachio in high weights can be filled into the machine easily.

In the lower part, there is the area of the machine that performs the squeezing process. While applying the squeezing process to the peanut in this region, it is ensured that the desired feature is achieved.

What Does a Pistachio Squeezing Machine Do?

The pistachio paste machine has several different tasks. Thanks to the pistachio squeezing machine, all pistachios are crushed.

You can easily do the process in the production of pistachio butter. Accordingly, the peanuts thrown into the squeezing machine easily reach the consistency of mashing with this excess oil. This process is essential for peanuts to be long-lasting.

Finally, your pistachio will be ready. Thus, the peanut taken from the machine will be ready for sale.

Where To Buy Pistachio Squeezing Machine?

It is essential to use a pistachio squeezing machine in order for pistachio, which is one of the first products that comes to mind when it comes to dried nuts, to be ready for production. If you shop from the correct addresses while purchasing this machine, it will be possible to use it for many years without any problems.

Demirbas Machine is shown as the number one seller of the squeezing machine in our country. The machine needed for obtaining many food products is produced by our company. Tahini machines, crushing machines or sesame machines can be easily supplied from our company.

If you want to see our pistachio juicing machine or other machines, you can contact us.

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