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Tahini Squeezing Machine

Tahini Squeezing Machine
Tahini Squeezing Machine

Tahini consumption continues to increase day by day around the world. The constant demand of people has also whetted the appetite of the producers. While many different brands start to produce tahini, they do this with special machines.

Tahini squeezing machine can be shown as the most important product in tahini production. With this machine used in tahini production processes, sesame can be directly converted into tahini. The machine manages to produce 1 kg of tahini from 1 kg of sesame in approximately 3-4 minutes.

It is named as tahini squeezing machine since the squeezing process is used to obtain tahini from sesame. It extracts the oil and pulp together by squeezing the sesame seeds, and this mixture is called tahini.

How Does Tahini Squeezer Work?

It will be enough to add sesame seeds to this machine, which can also be named as tahini mill, and to activate the power button. There is a funnel shaped part on the top of the machine. You have the opportunity to put sesame seeds in this part as much as possible.

When the machine is started, it will automatically start to extract sesame and tahini. For the sesame to be ground correctly, the mechanism must work at an optimum level. It would be very appropriate to produce 15 kg of tahini per hour.

By increasing the working speed of the machine, it can be turned into a machine that produces 50 kg per hour. However, in such a situation, tahini does not come out in a completely smooth structure. The tightening process will not be done perfectly.

Where To Buy Tahini Squeezing Machine?

The squeezing machine to be used for tahini production should always be purchased from the manufacturers. Orientation towards foreign brands will mean paying much higher levels than necessary.

Demirbas Machine is one of the companies that produce extremely high-quality machines. All of the machines needed for tahini production and sales are produced by our company. By contacting our company, you can examine all our machines and determine the right products for you.

To purchase tahini squeezing machines, it would be sufficient to contact us at our contact numbers. Afterwards, our officials will take all the necessary procedures to communicate with you. The machines will be brought to the addresses you have determined and installed by us. A small tutorial on how it works is also provided to you.

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Weight: 35 kg
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Power: 1.5 Kw
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