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Walnut Squeezing Machine

Walnut Squeezing Machine
Walnut Squeezing Machine

Homeland exactly unknown, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, walnut produced in countries like China and Korea, Latin for "Juglans recia" as is also known. In addition to the countless benefits of walnuts, walnut oil, which is obtained by squeezing using the cold press method, is highly preferred due to its beneficial structure in many aspects.

Being rich in many minerals such as protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper, walnut oil, which has an important place among vegetable oils, increases its value. As a natural antioxidant, the production of walnut oil, which can be evaluated in many different ways from cooking to therapeutic uses, gains importance at this point.

This is exactly what meets the need and walnut squeezing machines make the users' job very easy. Being a practical machine provides an advantage to the customer in every situation. As a result, using reliable and known brands in the choice of machine products will both increase your work efficiency and ensure your peace of mind.

In order to achieve this comfort, it is important that you have the required level of knowledge about the procedure to be performed. If you have a basic command of the operations to be done, you can get a more advantageous position in choosing the right machine. For this reason, it is useful to know the cold press process used at the point of obtaining walnut oil.

Cold press is the pressing method that does not require any heating process. Cold press is generally made by cold drying and compression processes. When we consider these, cold press is the name given to the process that takes place in the form of cold shaping of materials to be shaped without heating.

The basis of the differences between hot press and cold press is that no chemicals are used in the cold press, unlike the hot press. For this reason, the chemistry of the product you are processing does not deteriorate or change in any way. Accordingly, in the context of oil squeezing, it is known that the seeds of fruits are degreased by cold pressing method. The recommendation of the experts on this subject is that the oils obtained by the cold press method are more beneficial for health.

Here, you should choose the option that will be the most accurate and efficient for you by considering all this information. As Demirbaş Makina, we are very pleased to give you all kinds of support in terms of food industry with our experience over the years and the confidence of our customers' satisfaction.

Wouldn't you like to use machines that are efficient, practical, guaranteed for 2 years and bring savings to the fore? That is why, please contact us to get more detailed information and price information about our machines that you can use with peace of mind about machine use, walnut squeezing machine and many other areas.

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