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What is Hazelnut Butter?

What is Hazelnut Butter?
What is Hazelnut Butter?

Today, it is up to your wishes and needs to create different flavors that you will benefit from with nuts. The best thing you can get from roasted hazelnuts is hazelnut paste. Hazelnut paste, together with the hazelnut oil it contains, will be your source of energy and will be produced as a food source with plenty of vitamins. With the paste you will get from roasted hazelnuts, you can get a rich energy source with vitamins every morning or in your snacks.

With 1 spoon of hazelnut paste every day, you can meet the amount of energy you need daily, and you can use it in the way you want with a healthy sweet consumption. When you want to make hazelnut paste, one of the most curious subjects is, of course, how many calories are there. In hazelnut pastes with a calorie content of 652 kcal per 100 grams, you can also make a delicious recipe and try natural, delicious hazelnut paste.

When 1 serving is considered as 60 g, 1 dessert spoon of hazelnut paste contains 390 kcal calories and approximately 32 calories. For this and similar hazelnut paste, you can make choices for breakfast. Considering the nutritional values ​​it contains, the nutrients contained in the hazelnut are also found directly in the mash. Accordingly, you can consume hazelnut paste by making it delicious, rich in folic acid, iron, zinc, copper, C, E, and K vitamins as well as a source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

How to Make Hazelnut Butter?

You can find many recipes on the internet about how to make hazelnut paste. In general, honey or powdered sugar alternatives are used for the hazelnut paste recipe. Apart from that, you can crush the hazelnuts by throwing them in the food processor, pulling them well in the robot, and performing the process until the hazelnuts are crushed to roughly reach the hazelnut paste.

In nut butters made in a similar way, such as peanut butter, you benefit in many ways thanks to the healthy fat. You can have information about how to make homemade hazelnut paste in a similar way, as you will benefit from the website of various recipes.

If you want to make hazelnut paste at home;

1 glass of water,

1 tablespoon of oil,

1 tablespoon of powdered sugar,

2 packets of vanilla and the amount of hazelnut you want (usually 2 handfuls are enough) will be enough.

You can optionally add a few spoons of honey as well.

Roast your roasted and unshelled hazelnuts on low heat until the oil comes out, and when the oil leaves the pan, run it with the food processor to make it look like flour. Then add honey and continue mashing with a robot until it has a smooth consistency. At the last stage, you can transfer the hazelnut paste into a container and keep it in this container for 1 month and consume it. In order to produce various flavors in different desserts, you can choose it as a side product or as a sweet product.

Hazelnut Butter Benefits

The benefits of hazelnut, which is mostly produced in the Black Sea region in our country and whose consumption has become widespread in many ways, are also quite high. Hazelnut, which is normally preferred as a dried nut, nowadays takes its place in the form of paste, especially on breakfast tables. Hazelnut paste attracts the attention of many people with its satiety, taste and benefits. Since the calorie of hazelnut paste is low, there is no harm in consuming it in an appropriate amount. Let's examine the benefits of hazelnut paste.

Hazelnut paste, which is consumed at least one tablespoon every day, prevents bad cholesterol by providing the cholesterol balance in the blood.

- The high amount of vitamin E in the content of hazelnut paste creates a protective shield against bladder cancer. It prevents the progression of cancer with the benefits it provides at the beginning and makes a great contribution to the end of the disease.

- 1-2 tablespoons of hazelnut paste consumed every day, especially at breakfast, helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

The eye health of people who consume hazelnut paste is also affected positively.

- In addition to containing vitamins, hazelnut paste also contains important minerals such as potassium, manganese and calcium. Thanks to these minerals, the immune systems of people who consume hazelnut paste are strengthened.

- Hazelnut paste prevents bone fractures, especially in elderly people. Because hazelnut paste contains bone-strengthening substances. It prevents bone fractures seen not only in the elderly but also in children.

- Hazelnut paste minimizes rheumatic pains.

- Since there is a lot of fiber in hazelnut paste, it has a regulating effect on blood sugar. In other words, consuming an appropriate amount of hazelnut paste helps prevent diabetes.

- Hazelnut paste relaxes the digestive system. It is a very useful food source for people with constipation problems.

Is Nut Butter Healthy?

While peanut butter or hazelnut butter can be made healthily at home, what are the benefits of hazelnut butter? How long will it last without additives? How healthy is it? What features does it have good for? Situations like this are very common. As such, you can make the hazelnut paste that you prefer in a healthy way for yourself as you will consume it from time to time.

Hazelnut pastes, which have very strong benefits according to their taste and the amount of nutrients they contain, are one of the most delicious foods that are beneficial to health today. Although it is a sweet type, it is one of the best paste types that helps muscle repair and is beneficial for muscle building today.

Hazelnut paste, which is rich in protein, is one of the most preferred flavors of athletes. You can choose about the energy storage needs and you can use it as you wish, as it contains a high amount of potassium. When we look at the minerals it contains, the benefits of hazelnut paste are iron, calcium and sodium, so it is a useful paste that is also rich in minerals.

Thanks to its abundant protein and fiber ratio, it keeps you full for a long time. This is a food that will prevent you from eating more calories by preventing you from eating something additional with its taste in hazelnut paste.

You can always make special sweet balls, cookies, cakes or tahini desserts with hazelnut paste. You can also take advantage of many delicious hazelnut pastes that you will benefit from in the sweet spot by taking a look at varieties such as chocolate cookies, parfait or roll cookies.

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