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What is Unhulled Sesame Seeds?

What is Unhulled Sesame Seeds?
What is Unhulled Sesame Seeds?

In kitchens where local flavors are separated, when recipes are given and various recipes are used, unhulled sesame seeds are named as the second when the amounts to be thrown into the meals are shared. It is known that the name of sesame has changed from region to locality and accordingly, it is seen that the name of sesame is used instead of sesame in some regions today. Sesame seeds, which have healthy nutrients, are widely used in doughs to create many flavors in various local cuisines. Apart from meals, it has been observed that it is also used as oil thanks to its nutritious properties and content.

This plant, called unhulled sesame or seed, is in the oilseed category. It has a very strong consumption thanks to its high levels of healthy effects on the human body and positive effects on skin health. Sesame, which is suitable for daily consumption, is known for its immune system regulating effect and protective effect in terms of health to the human body.

In terms of health, shelled sesame has many benefits such as having anti-diabetic properties, balancing features in blood sugar, and balancing the low immune system.

Natural Sesame Mill

Since the hulled sesame seeds are oil seeds, you can make fresh production with the natural sesame mills machine depending on the consumption rate. Unshelled sesame machine, also known as oilseed machines, are used today for the extraction of oils from the most natural food products. Oils obtained from natural sesame seeds, known as sesame or küncü oil to treat various diseases, are the forms of oil you can produce in the most natural form of food.

You can use dried sesame or shelled sesame mills to achieve the desired flavor by bringing these seeds to the consistency they need.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Sesame in Shell?

These oilseeds of African origin, which we call sesame or shelled natural sesame (küncü), have many benefits. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, you can use it in your body by removing the oil, or similarly, you can strengthen your immune system with the effect of the mineral. It has vitamins A, C, and E. It is widely used in cosmetic products thanks to the magnesium, sodium, and potassium it contains.

Sesame is used in many creams produced for cell renewal in cosmetic products, thanks to its vitamin E content. It has an effect on the short-term regeneration of all cells and has anti-cancer properties. It is one of the oilseeds that can be preferred due to its cancer-resistant effect.

All of the nutritional values contained in sesame make energy in the human body. For this reason, it prevents fatigue with the total amount of nutrients it contains and you can use it as a cholesterol stabilizer. Thanks to magnesium, you can also accelerate blood flow without dealing with problems such as vascular occlusion. It has a very strong nutritional value in both heart and vascular health problems.

Sesame (Küncü) has an appetizing feature. It is an oilseed that will be preferred by those who want to gain weight and consume plenty of food. Otherwise, if you are satisfied with your weight and you do not want to gain weight in any way, you should be careful to consume the quartz at a low level.

Adequate consumption, thanks to the vegetable oils it contains, has the effect of making you more fit and helping you start the day more energetic. In order to protect human health, it is possible to benefit from many features written above when consumption with sesame oil by using a sesame mill whose vegetable oil can be extracted.

Along with the nutrients contained in sesame, it is an oilseed with high-fat content. Therefore, it should be remembered that obesity patients should be careful when using it. The second consumption of 1 teaspoon per day is sufficient to meet vitamins A, C, and E. It should be paid attention not to consume more in order to benefit.

Cosmetically beneficial sesame oil can be used for the health of your skin. At this point, if you want to use it directly on your skin, you can use it together with other oils that have various nourishing properties.

How to Consume Shelled Sesame?

There are different consumption patterns of sesame. Kunc from Turkey and the Far East spread this culture, together with the terms contained in the oil recovery rate of liver health is known to be quite useful. In terms of human health, it also affects the person's vision in a healthy way and has positive effects.

It can also be consumed by mixing tahini and sesame seeds. In this way, along with the nutritional values of tahini, it is also used in a way that it creates more energy in the body. When you want to introduce both vitamins and minerals into the body, you may have benefited from this sesame oil form.

In the cosmetic sector, sesame seeds are used in skincare and moisturizing your skin, along with many cell renewal properties. Because it creates a collagen effect with the vitamin E it contains and has positive effects on human skin. You can use sesame seeds against all skin blemishes and problems, including other skin problems. You can use sesame seed oil to repair diseases that cause eczema, fungus, or similar skin spots that come to mind first in skin problems. It is recommended to use it by mixing it with other skin health effective oils.

It also has a nourishing effect on the scalp in the cosmetic field. When you use küncü oil, you can make your hair look more vibrant and shiny. In this case, sesame (Küncü) oil, together with the vitamins and mineral values ​​it contains, makes the scalp more nourishing.

Tahini Machine
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 80 cm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: 35 kg
Capacity: 20 kg / Hour
Power: 1.5 Kw
Two Gradual Tahini Mill
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 190 cm
Weight: 400 Kg
Capacity 50 Kg / Hour
Power: 5.5 Kw
Sesame Roasting Machine
Dimensions: 200 x 400 x 210 cm
Weight: 1.3 Ton
Capacity: 250-400 Kg / Hour