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Where Is Poppy Paste Used?

Where Is Poppy Paste Used?
Where Is Poppy Paste Used?

Poppy is one of the products that are grown in many different regions of Anatolia and used in both medicine and kitchens. It is one of the products that are given great importance in the medical world due to the benefits of poppy, which is seen as an indispensable part of kitchens with its magnificent taste.

Poppy is usually crushed and made ready for use. Although people name the product they use in the kitchen only as poppy, it is actually poppy paste. It is obtained by passing the poppy seed through various processes.

The answer to the question of where to use poppy paste can be given in an extremely simple way. The poppy paste is used abundantly in breakfast and pastries. Of course, there will be changes in the way of use according to the place of use.

Using Poppy Paste in Breakfast

Poppy is mostly produced in Eskişehir and Afyon provinces. The fact that it is produced a lot in this region and is a product that is loved by people allows it to be used directly from breakfast. As an answer to the question of how to use poppy paste, you hear that it is used in these regions by rubbing it on bread.

Extra ingredients come into play in applying the poppy paste to bread. Light olive oil and granulated sugar are added to the poppy paste. So it becomes a little sweetish and fluid. In this form, it can be spread on bread and consumed.

The poppy paste can be used in the same way as tahini-molasses, honey-cream, or jam varieties are used on the tables. It is generally consumed with tea at the end of breakfast. It meets the sweet needs of people and is very beneficial for the body.

Poppy Butter Usage in Pastries

The poppy paste is also used as a mortar in pastries. Poppy is always preferred in pastries, donuts, desserts or cakes. Poppy seed muffin is one of the most popular products in the Central Anatolia region.

This paste obtained by using the poppy plant is in perfect harmony with pastries. It is used in pastries very generously and manages to cover every part of the dough. Generally, the poppy paste is accompanied by walnuts while making donuts. Poppy and walnut buns will be products at a very high level in terms of flavor.

Its consumption in pastries can be at any meal, from breakfast to dinner. It is also an important option for hosting guests.

What Are the Benefits of Poppy Paste?

The benefits of poppy are as important as its taste in consuming too much. Since the benefits of poppy are countless, people do not think about balancing their use of poppy. Considering its structure, it is a very effective product and, like many herbal products, it should not be consumed at an excessive level. Otherwise, these benefits can turn into a problem.

Mineral Storage

The first place among the benefits of poppy paste is to eliminate the mineral deficiency in the body. Manganese, copper, calcium, zinc, potassium and iron, which the body always needs, are abundant in the structure of the poppy. It is also a food that contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is a great warrior against diseases that occur when the body lacks these minerals.

Brain and Heart Friendly

The most important organs for people to continue their lives are shown as the heart and brain. The higher the brain and heart health, the higher the quality of life people will have.

One of the most important benefits of the poppy is that it protects the brain and heart health. It creates an antioxidant effect due to the manganese contained in it.

Most Effective Pain Relief

The poppy paste is a very important pain reliever, which helps with cardiovascular diseases. The main reason for its intensive use in the field of medicine is its pain relief feature. It is one of the materials used regularly in obtaining pain medications.

Blood Pressure Balancer

Blood pressure is extremely important in older people. Sudden drops or increases in blood pressure can have fatal consequences. The poppy paste can be consumed regularly to prevent sudden changes. It acts as a stabilizer that can prevent both rises and falls on its own.

Constipation Relief

It is among the products that have a fibrous structure. The fibers in it are good for constipation problems. It is one of the materials that keep people full for a long time. The fact that it is used with pastries prevents it from being consumed in diets. However, when looked alone, it can be a weight loss product.

Skin Friendly

It is also an effective product in eliminating skin problems. It makes the skin look much brighter and more beautiful. This feature has caused it to take place as a leading actor in some skin care products. It can be used by very famous brands.

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